Forget Siri: Google Voice Phone Searches May Display Results on TV

Apple’s latest phone has a slick voice control feature named Siri that lets you tell your phone to do a number of different things, and can even power searches that it will answer for you. There’s been some speculation that type of verbal interaction might harm Google because it would bypass the search advertisements that … Read more

10 Most Important SEO Patents, Part 5 – Phrase Based Indexing

phrase based indexing

Anna Patterson, Creator of Phrase Based Indexing The builder of the largest search engine in the World during the 21st century joined Google shortly after building that search engine and possibly licensed the technology behind it to Google. She worked for Google for several years, creating a way of indexing pages based upon the meaningful … Read more

Google Acquires Significant 3G Patents

Google acquired a number of patents from a company that’s presently suing a number of major developers of wireless hardware devices for patent infringement. The company is Gold Bridge Technology (GBT), and they tell us on their “Meeting the Challenge” page: One of GBT’s most significant group of patents pertains to the UMTS W-CDMA Standard. … Read more