10 Most Important SEO Patents: Part 3 – Classifying Web Blocks with Linguistic Features

classifying web blocks

Classifying Web Blocks In earlier days of SEO, many search engine optimization consultants stressed placing important and valuable content towards tops of HTML code on pages, based upon the idea that search engines would weigh prominent content more heavily if it appeared early on in documents. There are still very well known SEO consultants who … Read more

10 Most Important SEO Patents: Part 2 – The Original Historical Data Patent Filing and its Children

imagine gathering together 10 knowledgeable search engineers. And you lock them into a room for a couple of days with walls filled with whiteboards, intent on having them brainstorm ways to limit stale content and webspam from ranking high in search results. Their challenge is that the methods they come up with should focus on … Read more

Expanded Snippets, Google’s Instant Previews, and the Costs and Benefits of Making Changes

expanded snippets

The decision process that you go through when deciding to make changes to your site can be tough. Even if those changes are likely necessary and needed, determining the best way to implement them can make you pause, and spend a lot of time considering all the potential alternatives that you might have. Then, you … Read more

Twitter Differences in Different Countries

If you’ve never used Twitter before, it can be a little intimidating when you’re first starting out. You’re faced with a message on the front page of the site telling you to “Follow your interests,” and promising “instant updates from your friends, industry experts, favorite celebrities, and what’s happening around the world.” Then you sign … Read more