Google Plus Roots are Showing in Grouptivity Patent Filings

Google has been busy over the past couple of years acquiring a good number of small startups, including some that may help or have helped contribute features to Google Plus, such as Fridge, Tweet counting SocialGrapple, people sorting Katango, the team behind JustSpotted, social ranking PostRank, and social movie recommendation service fflick. Google hasn’t publicly … Read more

Google Acquires Cuil Patent Applications

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) assignment database, Google has acquired the pending patent applications of one time search rival Cuil, touted when launched as a potential Google Killer. On July 28, 2008, the search engine Cuil went live with hopes from many that it would rival Google in technological know-how … Read more

97 Hewlett-Packard Patents Assigned to Google

At Hewlett-Packard’s global partner summit in Las Vegas yesterday, President and CEO Meg Whitman gave a keynote presentation on the state of the company and made a prediction about Google’s Android operating system: We decided to contribute WebOS to the open-source community and this will take three to four years to play out,” said Whitman. … Read more