Google’s Social Search Patent Application

A newly published pending patent application from Google provides some insights into the display of social search results. Before digging into it, here’s a quick peek into the evolution of social search on Google. The Evolution of Social Search on Google In December of 2009, Google introduced social search, showing social search results to searchers … Read more

Google Near Realtime Queries Patent

realtime queries

One of the interesting features at Twitter is the near real-time trending topics section which enables you to see hot topics that are the subject of tweets. Twitter allows you to see tweets about these topics on a worldwide scale, or nationwide, or even on a smaller regional scope. With Google Trends, you can see … Read more

Predicting SEO Changes in Rankings, Algorithms, and Penalties

Last Thursday, the Wall Street Journal published a couple of articles that point to a new direction in the future from Google, With Semantic Search, Google Eyes Competitors, and Google Gives Search a Refresh. On Friday, Barry Schwartz reported at Search Engine Land that Google’s Head of Spam, Matt Cutts announced that Google was working … Read more