How Buddies and People Who Know are Selected for Bing Social Searches

Bing has been showing searchers some social annotations and enhancements for a while now, if you were logged into Facebook when searching at Bing, like a friend who might have liked a particular result in Facebook. They started delivering even more social search results in a social sidebar at the beginning of this month, which … Read more

How Google Might Use Query Logs to Find Entity Locations

entity locations

How Google Might Identify Entity Locations A pending Google patent published this past week describes how the locations of entities included in queries might be identified from information found in the search engine’s query logs, based upon click histories and other information. Query log information may also be used to associate locations with websites and … Read more

How Google May Identify Implicitly Local Queries

implicitly local queries

hen you perform some searches, Google might include Maps results within the web search results for those queries, or it might include some local results that change when you change your location in Google. Those queries are ones that don’t include geographic information within them, yet Google somehow decides that there’s some geographic relevance to … Read more