Google News Algorithm Updated

news algorithm

The image above, from Google’s patent, shows a source rank that no longer exists in the same way that it did when this patent was first published. Algorithms can change over time, and this one likely did. Neither The Nation or Computerworld should write about patents. Period. Never. In the past couple of days Computerworld … Read more

Inside the Google House of Ideas: 2 Lens Glass, Google Robots, and Smartwatches

There are rumors that Google will be opening retail stores sometime in the near future (some rumors point to next year). The question rises though, what will Google feature in those storefronts? Will Chromebooks be a kiosk filler item? Will we see Android-based phones? Are Google Glass wearable eyeglasses still somewhat far off? Might self-driving … Read more

Google Patents Identifying User Location Spam

Google collects information about where you compute from and provides location-based services based upon where you travel. To protect this information, and to use it to protect people from spam and scrapers, Google might follow processes to protect that information and to analyze it, to find user location spam. Post a review from Germany about … Read more