The Google Hummingbird Update and the Likely Patent Behind Hummingbird

Google Hummingbird Update - synonyms by context

Added 3/4/2022 – When the Hummingbird patent came out on Google’s 15th Birthday, it was like an overhaul of Google’s infrastructure, such as the Caffeine update, in the way that Googles index worked. One of the pieces of information about this Hummingbird infrastructure change was that Google used it to make the search engine better … Read more

How Google May Reform Queries Based on Query Session Co-Occurrence

query session co-occurrence

Can Query Session Co-occurrence Help a Search Engine Rewrite Queries? When you search, especially for topics that you know little about, chances are that you might not include the most relevant terms in your query, or you might use words that may have ambiguous meanings. One of the areas where search engines focus a lot … Read more

Joining Go Fish Digital

Something was missing, and I didn’t exactly know what it was. Around a year or so ago, I joined a big agency, and that gave me a chance to look at a lot of sites, provide in-depth consultation audits for many clients, perform monthly strategy reviews for others, inform the sales team on issues that … Read more