How Google Finds Known For Terms for Entities

Google finds terms and phrases to associate with entities that can be considered terms of interest for businesses, locations, and other entities. These terms can influence what shows up in search results and knowledge panels for those entities. Consider it part of a growing knowledge base of concepts, entities, attributes for entities, and keywords that … Read more

Hummingbird and Author Rank Authority

Is Hummingbird the key to understanding an author’s expertise for things like In-Depth articles, and a possible future Author Rank? With content from an author considered using a concept-based knowledge base, it’s quite possible. The Google Hummingbird rewrite of Google’s search engine wasn’t just aimed at providing a way to understand better long and complex … Read more

Concept-Based Web Search (Probase Updated)

concept based web search

This post started with a prologue, titled Are You, Your Business, or Products in a Knowledge Base?, which introduced Microsoft’s Conceptual Knowledge Base Probase. Probase appeared to have died at Microsoft Asia, but it may have morphed into a concept graph to add in concept-based web search. Microsoft’s Probase Knowledge Base Sometime between when Microsoft … Read more