Extracting Knowledge Base Facts for Entities from Sources such as Wikipedia Titles and Infoboxes

knowledge base facts

There are several patents from Google, both granted patents and pending patent applications, that describe ways that Google might learn about entities and about facts associated with those by extracting knowledge base facts from the web instead of relying upon people submitting information to knowledge bases such as Freebase. We saw Google show off how … Read more

Google Patent Attacks Business Spam

The title from a Google local search patent reached out and grabbed me as I was skimming through Google’s patents. It has the kind of title that captures your attention, as a weapon in the war that Google wages against people who might engage in Business spam against the search engine. The title for the … Read more

Identifying Entity Types and the Transfiguration of Search @Google

The World Wide Web is a vast resource for information. At the same time it is extremely distributed. A particular type of data such as restaurant lists may be scattered across thousands of independent information sources in many different formats. In this paper, we consider the problem of extracting a relation for such a data … Read more