Semantic SEO or Semantic Search?

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A few years ago, I presented at SES San Jose and someone asked me what they should be keeping an eye upon in SEO. I told them “named entities.” I was reminded of that conversation as I gave a talk today about named entities and other semantics.

I presented this morning at San Jose McEnery Convention Center at the Semantic Technology and Business Conference (#SemTechBiz2014).

Barbara Starr and I gave a 3 hour Tutorial on Semantic Search to an enthusiastic and engaged audience. We also discussed which might be a better name for the tutorial, “Semantic Search” (the name it had) or Semantic SEO (what do you think?).

Here’s Barbara’s presentation, which is the first half of the tutorial Thanks, Barbara – totally brilliant stuff:

Here is my half of the tutorial:

Thank you, Barbara, for inviting me to join you in presenting on Semantic Search. The Semantic Web community is an interesting one, and it shares many challenges in common with the SEO community. I look forward to participating in the Semantic Search community in the future.

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11 thoughts on “Semantic SEO or Semantic Search?”

  1. Nice timing! The term “Semantic SEO” drives me bonkers. It’s as annoying as the time period after nofollow became a widespread term, then everyone referring to actual links as “dofollow” links.

    Thanks for sharing your deck. Looking forward to seeing Barbara’s too!

  2. Thanks, Brett. Barbara shared her embed code with me from Slideshare, so I added it to this post.

    I think our presentation styles are very different but complement each other very well. and do act as a nice introduction to the topic.

  3. SemanticSEO is an interesting term to use as it is more specific then simply using “search”.

    I’d also like to add that I’m grateful that you added your presentation. Best of luck!

  4. Thanks Bill for sharing the slides. I am sure those 3 hours Tutorial on Semantic Search, were a great time for our community knowledge. I wish i could be there next time.

  5. Great tutorial and many thanks Barbara. Really worth to spending some time on this tutorial. thanks for sharing Bill.

  6. Semantic seo is a fascinating term to use as it is more particular then basically utilizing search. I would like to thanks to you for sharing such an awesome presentation gained alot from your presentation .

  7. Dear Bill

    I enjoy reading your blog very much.
    Semantics is something I would like to delve into more deeply and get a better understanding of, any further reading material you can suggest? perhaps start me with some more basics?

    Looking forward to reading more literature from you.
    Dee (Epicdev)

  8. Hi Deerah,

    Thank you very much. I have an undergraduate English degree, and a law degree, but no math or computer science education. I’ve been using this blog over the last 8-9 years as a place for me to write about and learn from patents and papers, and to try to explain them as well as I can to others, while at the same time learning form them. I am not an expert on the topic of Semantics. But one paper I read recently that I enjoyed was:

    Freebase QA: Information Extraction or Semantic Parsing?

    Another thing I would recommend looking into deeper is the Framenet project:

  9. I completely agree with semantic search instead of search alone. It’s a common misconception that should be corrected. I’ve just started reading your blogs and your posts are amazing. I’ll spend time learning your tutorials. Thanks!

  10. Thanks, Bill

    In exploring the Semantic Web more, I’m coming across some things that combine the Search query web and the fact-answering semantic web which are surprising me. I started exploring the Semantic Web with the purpose of learning as much as I can about it. The search query web and the fact answering semantic web are drawing closer together and borrowing from each other. It’s pretty exciting. :)

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