New Panda Update; New Panda Patent Application

panda Update

Google’s Pierre Far announced on his Google+ page that Google was releasing a new Panda update that supposedly included some new signals that could potentially help “identify low-quality content more precisely.” The Google+ post also tells us that this change can help lead to a “greater diversity of high-quality small- and medium-sized sites ranking higher, … Read more

Query Classification from User Data

Propagating query classification

Query Classification Can Depend on Which Entity is Associated with A Query That A Page is Optimized For Query Classification can be challenging for a search engine based upon the query itself. For example, How would you do query classification based on the query “lincoln?” President Abraham Lincoln The location, Lincoln, Nebraska The Lincoln brand … Read more

Google Turns to Deep Learning Classification to Fight Web Spam

In the past few years, Google has been busy building what has become known as the Google Brain team, which started by having its deep learning approach watching videos until it learned to recognize cats. Unsurprising that Google would start using something like Deep Learning Classification to fight webspam. Google has been hiring many people … Read more

Google Adds Entity Attributes to its Knowledge Base from Queries

entity attributes

Searchers Queries Teach Google About Entity Attributes Millions of searches stream into Google every day as people try to meet their informational and situational needs. But those searches don’t disappear after the searches. They provide Google with some very interesting and useful information in return. For instance, they tell Google what people are interested in … Read more