Google Queries for Entity Instances Help Reveal the Classes Where They Belong

entity instances

A Search for Entity Instances can Reveal More Information about those Entities {{Information |Description ={{en|1=Ball-and-stick model of oxacillin molecule. The structure is taken from ChemSpider. ID 5873}} |Source ={{own}} |Author =MarinaVladivostok |Date =2013-07-22[/caption] They copy your spelling from the bottle they got at the pharmacy. They couldn’t read the handwriting of the doctor who initially … Read more

How Google May Transform Queries into Trigger Queries

Trigger Queries

Trigger Queries are Queries that return specific responses from a search engine such as specific rich results depending upon what the trigger may be Recently I wrote about Google’s Enriched Results Patent, where Google looked at query terms searched for, and for some of them the search engine returned special “enriched” search results that showed … Read more

Entity Optimization: How I Came to Love Entities

My Inspiration for Doing Entity Optimization on Sites One of the sites that inspired me to do entity optimization on sites was, at the time for the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association, and has since been rebranded to the more memorable, “Visit Baltimore.” Back in 2005, the Association told us that they wanted … Read more