Searching with Pronouns: What are they? Coreferences in Followup Queries

At Google’s 15th anniversary celebration last summer, shortly after Hummingbird was introduced, Tamar Yehoshua, Google VP of Search, showed us conversational search at Google by first demonstrating a query asking for “pictures of the Eiffel Tower,” and then following up with the query “How tall is It?” In that second query, Google had to not … Read more

Google Glass Augmented Reality and Magic Leap Virtual Reality Team Up?

Hat tip to Barbara Starr (follow her on Google+ for interesting news on Semantic Search and new technology developments), who asked the title of this post (using slightly different words.) The Verge reported this morning that Google leads $542 million funding of mysterious augmented reality firm Magic Leap You need to visit the Magic Leap … Read more

Google Enriched Results Patent

google enriched results

I’ve been exploring some of the different search results that we see at Google, including things such as rich snippets and question-answering results, and came across a couple of patent filings from Google that describe something called “Enriched Results.” You’ve seen enriched results before. As the first of the patent filings tells us, these results … Read more

Googles Telepresence Patent

Telepresence is not science fiction. We could have a remote-controlled economy by the twenty-first century if we start planning right now. The technical scope of such a project would be no greater than that of designing a new military aircraft. Double Robotics’ Double Telepresence Robot A genuine telepresence system requires new ways to sense the … Read more