At Pubcon, Presenting on a Semantic Timeline at Google

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Tomorrow morning, I’m presenting on the Semantic Web at Google at Pubcon in Las Vegas. I’ve included my presentation deck here to use as a kicking off point for further discussion.

Changes to what Google shows in search results have been difficult to miss, from many different types of rich snippets to recent additions of search boxes in search results and Google showing snippets from pages that contain both query answering and question answering results mixed.

Thanks to Barbara Starr for taking a look at the presentation, and for suggesting that I look for a Google patent for rich snippets which I hadn’t included. I went searching the patent in the US Patent office and found a good candidate for it, and will probably post a more detailed look at that one in the near future. It’s Generating specialized search results in response to patterned queries.

Here’s my presentation:

Google does have a rich history of the use of Semantic Technologies in what it provides to searchers, and chances are good that it will offer even more in the future. This presentation is my first attempt to put together a semantic timeline for Google and it’s something that I hope to build upon to show Google’s efforts in building knowledge web technology into what it offers.

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  1. Nice job on the slides. Thanks for sharing them. I wish I could have seen your presentation live at Pubcon.

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