How a Search Engine Might Use Entities to Respond to Compositional Queries

compositional queries

A compositional query may be aimed at providing a data point to identify another related data point as an answer or solution to that query. For example, the following two queries are compositional and focus upon an answer at a fixed location or a fixed point of time: [Starbucks near San Francisco Airport] [Films shot … Read more

Entity Connections on Google’s Knowledge Graph

entity connections

Added July 14, 2020. The patent application that I wrote about in this post has been granted. The granted patent can be found at: Generating insightful connections between graph entities We’re used to search engines matching the keywords we query, returning pages that contain those words. But what if search engines worked differently? It seems … Read more

Google’s Query Language

There’s a “Greenway park” near me, built where a train had previously roamed for over 100 years. The park is narrow and not much wider than the width of railroad cars. It cuts a nice path for residents to walk across town, and it’s a relaxing trail to parks and schools and walking a dog. … Read more

Google Knowledge Panel Ads

knowledge panel ads

Knowledge Panel Ads Involve Entity Action Pairings In the start of a patent granted at Google from this past September, Entity-based searching with content selection, we’re told that: Implementations of the systems and methods for entity-based searching with content selection are described herein. The phrase “content selection,” when it appears in Google patents, doesn’t often … Read more