Featured Snippets – Using Query Intent Templates to Identify Answers

Almost a year ago, Search Engine Land published an article titled Google Search OneBox Answers Are Getting More Detailed. Search Engine Land has been referring to question-answering type results as Featured Snippets, since they don’t seem to follow the normal rules of search results that return documents matching keywords in a query. Instead, they were … Read more

Featured Snippets – Taken from Authority Websites

authority websites

Answers from Authority Websites Part One of this series – Featured Snippets “Natural Language Search Results For Intent Queries” One of the most important parts of the “Natural Language Search Results for Intent Queries” patent application is how it describes both queries and search results as being in “natural language.” By natural language, it means … Read more

Featured Snippets – Natural Language Search Results for Intent Queries

Natural Language Search Results In November, Google published an international patent that describes providing natural language search results answers to queries. Those answers focus less on providing web pages on the about those queries, and more on showing natural language search results for the queries. Here’s an example, from the patent filing of a set … Read more

A Replacement for PageRank?

Representatives from Google announced recently that they would no longer be updating their PageRank toolbar annotations for web pages. Google had been updating those 3-4 times a year for over a decade. Does this news indicate that Google is no longer using PageRank, or that PageRank has changed in some significant way? (The ranking signal … Read more