Which Sea For SEO by the Sea?

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SEO by the Sea started as an idea that found its way into my head as I watched sails bounce up and down through a window on the Chesapeake Bay.

Carlsbad Village Beach

I’ve been looking at some different waters over the last week, thousands of miles away.

A Public Beach Access information sign provides details about nearby beaches.
A Public Beach Access information sign provides details about nearby beaches.

These beaches aren’t much like the Jersey shore I grew up with. But they are pretty nice.

There are a lot of fun murals and places to explore in Carlsbad.

And there’s an artistic touch to the many communities that make up the San Diego beach community.

I will have to get used to seeing some different sights and warm weather where rain doesn’t fall much.

There’s lots of sand no matter where you look.

I might have to learn to take lots of long walks in the sand, on a nearby beach.

Even the Smaller Waves make me think of surfing on water instead of upon web sites.
Even the Smaller Waves make me think of surfing on water instead of upon web sites.

And I’ll be joining my friend Barbara Starr as a co-administrator in the Lotico San Diego Semantic Web Meetup.

I think this beach has me under its sway.

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22 thoughts on “Which Sea For SEO by the Sea?”

  1. Congrats on the move. I must say though that every time I have visited the CA beach I felt that unless I were to bleach my hair and wear cut off jeans and walk around with a skateboard I was doomed to feel ever the outsider.

    Good luck!

  2. Hi Mike,

    Thank you. I’m busy figuring out all of the logistics of moving from coast to coast, but I’m really loving my new destination. The people I’ve been meeting have been making me feel welcome, and there’s a lot of happiness to go around. :)

  3. Hi Matthew,

    I’ve been looking at and exploring elements of the Semantic Web for a number of years, since aspects of it keep on showing up in patents and papers and blog posts from the search engine. When Google started showing knowledge panels, I figured that was a clear sign for everyone to start paying a lot more attention to the Semantic Web.

    When Barbara invited me earlier this year to present an introduction to Semantic Marketing with her at the Semantic Technology and Business conference in San Jose, I jumped at the chance. We’ve been bouncing ideas back and forth ever since, including discussions related to patents involving the semantic web.

  4. Thanks, James.

    It was a rainy week in San Diego, but I hear those are really rare.

    I’m looking forward to co-administrating the meetup – it looks like a great opportunity to meet people and to learn.

  5. Thanks, Barry.

    After spending the last week here, I can understand why you say that. I won’t be able to actually move to San Diego until January, but I’m really looking forward to it.

  6. Hi Jim,

    I am planing on continuing with Go Fish after the move. The difference in Time Zones might get a little confusing, but I’ve been talking to a lot of potential clients lately from the west coast anyway. The semantic Web meetup isn’t a paid position – it’s something I’m doing because I believe in making education available to people, and because I believe in what Barbara has been doing with the community, and we’ve been talking about topics that we want to share and explore more – some really interesting happenings on the semantic web these day, and SEO too.

  7. Very happy for you, Bill, but disappointed we’ll no longer have you here in the DC area. Will you continue with Go Fish once you move, or does the move coincide with a new opportunity beyond the semantic web meetup?

  8. Great news Bill. Congratulations on the change of scenery. I’ve got an uncle in Carlsbad. His advice is just stay out of San Diego. It’s a political cesspool. Enjoy the beach.

  9. Hey Bill been following you now for a while I’m looking forward to your insights on the semantic web and what it means for Seo in the future all the best.

  10. Welcome to SoCal, Bill! It’s taken me years to adjust, but it’d be easier if you memorized the phrase, “right on, it’s all good, no worries” as quickly as possible. Cheers.

  11. Hi Alan,

    Thank you. Not surprised that you have an uncle in Carlsbad. :)

    I may hop on a train to ride into the center of San Diego (I like that there’s a train station in Carlsbad that can be used to get to the centers of San Diego and LA., but I promise to steer clear of all of the politicians. After a couple of walks on the Carlsbad beach, I’m already looking up the costs of surfing lessons.

  12. Hi Gerry,

    Thanks for following what I write here. There is a lot to for me to learn and to share with people here. I’m digging through some really interesting patents right now that show Wolfram Alpha as a company to keep a close eye upon.

  13. Hi Christopher,

    Thanks. I tend to learn quickly, and I’m hoping that there isn’t too much of a learning curve. I’m planning on arriving shortly after the start of the year. I’ve noticed that you’ve been looking at a lot of semantic technologies over the past couple of years, and I’m hoping that you are planning in participating in the Semantic Web Meetup, and bringing some of your team mates with you.

  14. Welcome to San Diego, Bill. You’re gonna love it here if you like sunshine, the ocean and craft beer. There are so many activities, festivals and things to do it can be difficult to focus on work. If you like craft beer, San Diego has the world’s best craft beer with almost 100 breweries. The big drawback is the high cost of living. We call it the sun tax. Let’s have a craft beer together.

  15. Hi Michael,

    I’m not much of a drinker, but I’m really big on sunshine and the ocean, and festivals and craft fairs. The costs I was seeing last week weren’t much different than those in Virginia. I’d be happy to raise a glass or two with you.

  16. Its great that you are here in the land of sun, sand and beach, some thing very rejuvenating for some body like you who is creative, as it will help you come up with better ideas, become fresh and raring to go Bill V 2.0.

  17. Hi Alex

    A change of scenery is really welcome, and the chance to move into an apartment complex with a built in fitness center, a couple of blocks from the beach, tops that as well.

  18. This seems to be a very secluded and sparsely populated kind of place. A perfect place to just lie down, enjoy the sea breeze and do nothing. My kind of place!

  19. Great place to move to! Hope to see lots more updates about the new digs out west!

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