Magic Leap and Their Augmented Reality Semantic Robots

magic leap glasses

The temptation was to write this blog post mostly in pictures since it’s about visual representations of things, based sometimes on a combination of objects that were understood using object recognition, and virtual semantic images superimposed on those learned from a knowledge base. Google Ventures and a couple of partners funded the company Magic Leap … Read more

Featured Snippets: Extracting Text from Pages Citations

This is the last post in a series about Google’s International patent application Natural Language Search Results for Intent Queries. This section was inspired by the citations list at the end of a paper used by the listed inventors as a provisional patent, that preceded that patent. The paper was Scalable Attribute-Value Extraction from Semi-Structured … Read more

Featured Snippets: Extracting Answers from Web Pages

I’ve been writing recently about a patent from Google on Featured Snippets, and how Google might take those from authoritative sources, using an intent template process (“what are the symptoms for [measles, flu, athlete’s foot,ebola]”) to include many direct answer responses to natural language queries, while also showing keyword-based search results. The patent doesn’t tell … Read more