Semantic SEO in San Diego (Presentations are available)

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On Tuesday, March 17, 2015, we held a Lotico San Diego Semantic Web on the topic of SEO meets Semantic Web. It was a free meetup and we had several people who have signed up to attend the lectures and network. We had Green Pizza (Pesto and Spinach varieties), and green snacks and green drink in honor of St. Patrick’s Day.

Our Presentations from the event are at:

I included some information on Google Structured Snippets like in a recent post I submitted at Moz, published last week as well:

How Google Pulls Structured Snippets from Websites’ Tables

That post was inspired by a Google Whitepaper that was published earlier this year in January, and is highly recommended reading:

Applying WebTables in Practice (pdf)

I was joined by Eric Franzon who spoke on a topic titled Semantic Web — a roadmap for SEO today and tomorrow. Eric is a semantic Strategist from Semantic Fuse, along with my co-host for the meetup, Barbara Starr. His presentation is:

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17 thoughts on “Semantic SEO in San Diego (Presentations are available)”

  1. Wow all this “green” food I thought you turned into a shi-shi California vegan already Bill. :)

  2. Hi Patrick,

    Yes being Green for St. Patricks’s day is a different endeavor than becoming a vegan or eating spinach Pizza – we’re trying to have fun with it

  3. Hi Cathy, I’ve been busy working on my presentation, and part of the fun in doing that is in what I can learn from trying to teach others – I’ve gotten some good take-aways from the effort so far. like the notion that one of the biggest changes at search engines this year has been how much search results have changed the in past year or so.

  4. Hi Doc,

    I really wish you could have made it out to this one. But the next one should be pretty good too, and if you’re able to make that one, it will be great seeing you.

  5. Hi Frank, If you are in the area, and able to actually visit, you can become a member ot the meetup group and RSVP that you will be attending. It would be nice to have you join us.

  6. Thanks for sharing a wonderfull blog, it’s really very interesting. It helped me a lot. Thanks

  7. The presenation is well-done and full of informations. What I like most is the “Applying WebTables in Practice PDF”. I hope that semantic web will help the web to develop and to stop spammers.

  8. Thanks for the great post. You have a well written and informative blog especially for us.

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