Open Data Commons Opportunities

There are a lot of Government Web sites that have made the data that they collect and compile freely available to the public. The licenses that data has been released under are described on the following Pages: ODC Public Domain Dedication and License (PDDL) Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL) Open Data Commons Attribution … Read more

How Google May Identify Main Entities

main entities

A Google patent granted this week describes how Google might try to understand main entities that appear on Web pages, and how that awareness might influence the search results that the search engine shows off in search results. An entity is a specifically named person, place, or thing (including ideas and objects) that could be … Read more

Using Photos & Data Under a Creative Commons License

Below is a creative commons Image from Flickr. In the Caption to the photo is the kind of attribution that a Creative Commons Attribution License calls for when using an image like this from Flickr: When you choose to use a photo or data available under a Creative Commons’ License, you’re giving other people information … Read more

Licensing Requirement Information found in Linked Open Data

In 2009, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web recorded the following TED Presentation about Linked Open Data. This video describes his next idea for a use for the Web, where Data is shared and can flow freely, published by people under open licenses. On the L4LOD Vocabulary Specification 0.2 is Information about … Read more

How Google May Index Deep Web Entities

If you’ve been doing SEO for a while, one of the papers you may have read describes how Google was attempting to index content found on the Web that might be difficult for their crawlers to access, such as financial statements from the SEC. The search engine would have to access this information by filling … Read more