Brands Entities at Google; Crowdsourcing their Identity in a Social Network

The “Buy” Button is coming to Google shopping Results. Recode reported that Google Confirms “Buy Button” Is Coming. The Moz White Board Friday this week had Rand Fishkin asking, and answering the question, Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor? I left a comment at Moz, part of which, after some research, I’d like to retract … Read more

Lycos to Sell Off Patents?

I read today the news that early Search Engine Lycos is selling off their patents, presumably to enable them to launch other services. This was stated in the betaboston article Internet search pioneer Lycos puts patents up for sale. I wondered how many patents Lycos might have, and what they covered, so I looked them … Read more

Google Patents Photo Location Recommendations

photo location recommendations

Google Suggesting Photo Location Recommendations A recently granted Google patent explains how Google may find photo location recommendations. It describes how it might use something like Google Now to recommend “photogenic locations to visit.” The patent tells us: The present disclosure relates generally to systems and methods for recommending photogenic locations to visit. More particularly, … Read more