Ranking in Google Since The Advent of The Knowledge Graph

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Tonight, I am joining Barbara Starr in giving a two Person Presentation in San Diego, at the Courtyard, San Diego in Old Town, titled Ranking in Google Since the Advent of the Knowledge Graph.

The presentation is a meetup cohosted by a few different local meetup groups:

The SEO San Diego Meetup
The SEM San Diego Meetup
The Lotico San Diego Semantic Web

The presentation for tonight’s meetup is:

If you can attend, it would be nice seeing you there.

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17 thoughts on “Ranking in Google Since The Advent of The Knowledge Graph”

  1. Very nice and informative Presentation.. Thanks for taking the time to deliver such a nice information to your readers…

    Duryab Aziz

  2. Thaank you, Duryad. It was a fun presentation that went really well, and the Questions and Answers part was really nice, with a lot of great questions.

  3. Hi Farrell John< I prepared the presentation with Barbara Starr. Fortunately for me, she knows what she is doing, and it made putting this presentation together a pleasure. Thanks!

  4. This is use full info . appreciate your hard work . And yes thanks for sharing .

  5. Thank you. It was a joint presentation, and a lot of the ideas and inspiration that went into it are from Barbara Starr, who was a wonderful co-presenter.

  6. What an epic post. I appreciate your presentation. I think you have given the much-needed information here.

  7. Great presentation sir; The presentation is an epic one just great one for the person who wants to know anything about the ranking… Thanks for the informative presentation.

  8. Hi Bill,

    Your presentation with Barbara is absolutely great and full of informative. Really appreciate the efforts of you two!

  9. Hi Leslie,

    Thank you. It was a lot of fun putting together that presentation with Barbara, and a learning experience. She picked out some really interesting patents to showcase.

  10. Hi Neel,

    Thank you very much. We had fun coming up with the format for the presentation and the information it contains, and then enjoyed actually presenting the material it covered. The audience really showed that they appreaciated it, asking lots of really good questions during the Q&A session.

  11. Very useful piece of info i must admit. i was wondering how the process worked, but now am really glad i found this post. Thanks for sharing

  12. Hi Clement,

    Interesting some of the patents that have come out that focus upon the knowledge graph and alternative metrics for presenting factual information. The post, and the presentation owe a lot to Barbara, who uncovered some really interesting patents for us to discuss.

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