Google Patents Click-Through User Feedback on Search Results to Improve Rankings

user feedback

User Feedback to Improve Search Rankings? I was excited to see a Google Patent granted this past Thursday, which describes how Google may rank pages in part based upon user feedback (clicks) in response to rankings for those pages. The patent tells us that this kind of identifying of a user’s needs and determining which … Read more

How You May Help Google Mapping Indoor Spaces

Mapping indoor spaces

Acquistions Behind Mapping Indoor Spaces A couple of years ago, Google acquired the startup Behavio. One of the selling points behind Behavio was how it used behavior data from Phones to better understand human behavior. Google likely acquired the company Zipdash back in 2004 to learn about real-time traffic data. A Google patent application published … Read more

How Google May Answer Questions in Queries with Rich Content Results

rich content results

Last week, this patent application described a search system query processing for questions, looking for rich content results. Queries may be responded to with various resources, such as image files, audio files, video files, and web pages. A search engine may identify resources in response to queries submitted by searchers and attempt to provide information … Read more

Google to Map Road Quality?

Google road quality

Sensors and Road Quality We’ve all read about Google building self-driving cars. I’ve written about Google building Maps programs to help people navigate to different places. A Google patent application published this week looks closer at computers in cars and the many sensors connected to those. It discusses automotive computing systems that include such things … Read more