Answer Boxes, Trigger Terms and Enriched Search Results

trigger terms

A few years ago, I wrote the following about post about Google’s OneBox Patent Application I was brought back to it, with a new Google patent that looks at answering questions within similar answer boxes, and showing rich content, like in the example below: A patent filed by Google a couple of years ago and … Read more

Google Fights Keyword-Stuffed Business Names Using a Surprisingness Value

keyword stuffed business names

A Local search Google patent granted this week targets map spammers, who submit information about businesses to Google Maps, in a manner referred to as keyword stuffing, or more specifically keyword-stuffed business names. The patent attempts to find words submitted by business owners as titles for business names that trigger a surprisingness value for combinations … Read more

How Google Uses Named Entity Disambiguation for Entities with the Same Names

Named Entity Disambiguation

Named Entity Disambiguation is important in a Knowledge Graph Search System Last year I wrote a post titled Google on Finding Entities: A Tale of Two Michael Jacksons. The post was about a Google patent that described how Google might perform named entity disambiguation when different entities share the same name. The patent in it … Read more