How Google Might Make Better Synonym Substitutions Using Knowledge Base Categories

synonym substitutes

How Google May Use Synonym Substitutions to Rewrite Queries A couple of months ago, I wrote about a Google patent that involved rewriting queries, titled Investigating Google RankBrain and Query Term Substitutions. There’s likely a lot more to how Google’s RankBrain approach works, but I came across a patent that seems related to the patent … Read more

Do Search Click-Throughs Help Determine Where a Page Ranks?

search click throughs

Do Search Click-throughs help rank pages at Google? In a recent article at Search Engine Land, we were told that Google Posts That Local Results Are Influenced By Clicks, Then Deletes That. It caught my attention and had me investigating further. Patents Involving Search Click-Throughs Influencing Search Results It made me recall three patents that … Read more