Google Granted Design Patent on Camera Bracelet

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This design patent shows off a camera mounted on a bracelet. It doesn’t tell us anything about the camera beyond showing off the design of the camera. I looked for profiles of the inventors listed on the patent, and I think the ones I found maybe the ones involved in the creation of this design (though I can’t be completely certain). There does look like there is some hardware design involving cameras among the skills in the profiles I found. We will have to keep our eyes open for news of a camera like this potentially made by people building things like the cameras built for off-street views of Street Views. It’s possible that this camera could be a way of indexing the world, like street-view cameras, are, rather than a consumer product.

Among the named inventors is:

1. A Staff Optical Engineer at Google
2. An Engineering Leader and Former Google Principal Engineer now at Uber, who worked on Geographic Maps and indoor maps at Google
3. A System Design/Systems engineer who worked on Street View and Google Art Project
4. A Senior Industrial Designer at Google who has developed a photography app for iPhones named Pic and Click in 2013

Camera bracelet
Inventors: Rachael Elizabeth Roberts, Mohammed Waleed Kadous, Romain Clement, and Xi Chen
Assigned to: Google Inc.
US Patent D764,339
Granted August 23, 2016
Filed: September 8, 2014

Camera Bracelet
Picture from Google Patent

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16 thoughts on “Google Granted Design Patent on Camera Bracelet”

  1. It’s hard to envisage where all this will end…We’ll all soon be walking around with so many gadgets it will take us all our time to charge them all up, let alone leave the house to use them!

  2. Wow camera bracelet? Never heard of that google will launched this kind of things. Amazing though

  3. Hi Trnasport George,

    We’ve been having spokespople from Google tell us what big fans they were of Star Trek for a few years now. like their last head of search Amit Singhal. It’s not a surprise seeing devices like this floating around.

  4. Nothing strange, we are progressing day by day. So a camera bracelet will be a great gadget to a traveller for example. I am excited to learn more about such things

  5. Heh, I wasn’t at the sum total of what supposing I’d be running a strong blog and composing posts with you, either 🙂

    It’d be amusing to counsel a psychic or a medium on the future comings of pursuit or social promoting to have the capacity to hop the specialty before it even exists or alluded to. It’d require some ability to decipher what they say or locate a psychic, who knows the web crawler showcasing industry (intense call, would it say it isn’t?

  6. Hi Andrew,

    If Google makes the effort to build Street Views of places like far away Islands and parks across the world, and no one else is offering those things, we are fortunate that they are making those available at no charge.

  7. On the off chance that Google endeavors to construct Street Views of spots like far away Islands and parks over the world, and nobody else is putting forth those things, we are lucky that they are making those accessible at no charge.

  8. This design patent shows off a camera mounted on a bracelet. It doesn’t tell us anything about the camera beyond showing off the design

  9. Hi Vicky,

    It’s a design patent, intended to protect the design of the new technology, so it wouldn’t say much about the technology behind the cameras.

  10. Hi diwalker,

    This is a design patent for a product that hasn’t been released from Google yet. We may or may not see it end up being released, but we should keep an eye out for it, since it is now a possibility. How well would a bracelet camera work? I’m not sure. It could be interesting.

  11. Camera bracelet. Wow that’s an amazing idea.
    Thank you for sharing such an amazing article.

  12. Thank you. I did end up sharing the URL in the comments, but I’m not sure that it was necessary to do that either.

    Good to hear that you’ve started becoming a regular visitor. I’ll look forward to seeing more comments from you. Thanks.

  13. Another great post…I’m trying to figure out how to repurpose some content and you just gave me some great ideas. Thanks!

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