Are You Using Google’s New Automated Assistant?

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In the Google Analytics Blog on September 2 was an article that site owners shouldn’t miss. If you did, you should go check it out. The post is Explore important insights from your data – automatically.

I have access to many Google Analytics accounts, and I can say this about the suggestions shown in this new feature from Google Analytics – they are worth looking at and thinking about. For example, a couple of the accounts I looked at offered 10 suggestions for changes. Some of these suggestions point out that some content on the site you are looking at saw increases in traffic recently, pointing out the URLS of that content. Frankly, that inspired me to write this post – it seemed to be a topic related to other posts on my site that had been drawing lots of traffic.

If you haven’t been paying much attention to the analytics related to your website, it can be a helpful thing to do. I also recommend spending some time on the Website of Google’s Analytic’s evangelist Avinash Kaushic, reading articles such as The Biggest Mistake Web Analysts Make And How To Avoid It!

I like how he focuses on business insights, which most site owners want to see.

Your analytics program can do more than tell you how many people are visiting your website – it can offer you suggestions and ideas on improving your site and providing a better experience to your site’s visitors. The automated assistant suggestions can provide some ideas for changes you can make from the data collected by your analytics program. The blog post tells us that Google Analytics will keep on offering new automated assistant suggestions over time, so it’s worth revisiting those and seeing if they update over time.

Please note that this feature of Google Analytics is available only in the mobile app, so that’s where you should look. It’s something that I will now be looking at on client’s sites and something I recommend that everyone looks at. I do think it’s worth using Google’s machine learning to see if it can offer actual business insights that can make a difference to your business. If you give it a shot and provide you with a helpful suggestion, please let us know. Thanks.

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66 thoughts on “Are You Using Google’s New Automated Assistant?”

  1. Hi Calgary SEO Solutions,

    Whether or not you agree with the suggestions in this new automated assistant or not; the chance to receive suggestions that might be founded upon actual business insights is a good opportunity. The Occam’s Razor website is definitely a thoughtful one, worth spending some time at.

  2. Hi Bill,

    This was a real eyeopener, thank you!

    It’s interesting to see how automation and AI are turning simple data into actionable insight. I’m intrigued to see the extent to which automation will evolve in the future – perhaps fully automated consultancy companies?

  3. Hi Dave,

    I don’t know if we will see fully automated consulting; but it is interesting that Google is offering these suggestion. I guess we will learn how helpful they are by keeping an eye upon them, and seeing what they suggest.

  4. Hi Bill,

    i just wanted to thank you for opening my eyes. The new analytics of google, that’s similar what i searched for. Thank you.

  5. Hi Soti,

    You’re welcome. I thought this was interesting enough so that as many people as possible should hear about it – it provides all of us a boost when it comes to analytics, even those of us who don’t know how to take advantage of the statistics associated with our sites.

  6. I came across this new feature yesterday and my first reaction was …. blah another Google trick to try to get me to commit to bigger spending on their ad network, but then i checked again and noticed that some of the reports are very insightful and after all tips coming from the horses mouth are always to be given some consideration !

  7. I have been using Google analytics for quite a while now, Although it provides the good information but times to times it is not always correct if we compare it to other premium services. Beside that I really loved your article. Keep posting

  8. I’m glad I came across this tonight. I didn’t even realize there was more insight and advice coming straight from Google that I could use for my business and clients sites. Thank you!

  9. I second that. Though the data is not accurate, and I personally find some number being listed wrong there.
    But the thing is, those are just estimates, of the past month’s trend. And the are just precise approximations. I often study Google trends along with that, make a guess on the exact search volume which a potential keyword might fetch.
    What do you think about this method, Bill?

  10. Hey Bill,
    This is my first visit to your blog and I really loved it. And yes, the analytics software should provide more than just visits figures, I think Moz and SEMrush do provide suggestions on the paid subscriptions, but if Google will provide it, that will be a nice feature to try.

    Thanks for sharing!


  11. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the information and the heads up, having just passed my analytics exam i will certainly follow up on some of the links you have provided to get a better understanding of how this could benefit us.

  12. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for sharing the articles within your post. I’m still relatively beginner level in understanding Google Analytics and I took the advice you shared on this article which has helped my understanding greatly so I appreciate it. These were things I never knew to think about until I read here so I look forward to many more of your posts. Am going to experiment with the automated assistant suggestions in the mobile app.

  13. Hi Bill,

    Thanks for pointing this out. The suggestions provided by Google Analytics helped me identify a couple of new topics to write about. Interesting that it is only available on the mobile app.

  14. Hi Bill,

    I wondered about the availability of this feature only on Mobile, too. I guess they wanted to see if they could influence more people to use the mobile app, by making this feature exclusive to mobile.

  15. Hi Matthew,

    I hope it goes well. The suggestions I’ve been seeing look interesting. I think implementing those would be helpful in getting you to learn more.

  16. Bill thank your your post! yes google analytics is not very accurate and everytime a customer enter by mobile and change to view in desktop it simply count as two! but the view duration keep underestimate! yet the good thing about analytics is they can filter bots access.will check the automated assistant and get back again here after testing. hope google can do a better job!

  17. Google is making Life easy for bloggers. Will definitely use this. Thanks for bringing into knowledge.

  18. Any help from Google, in any form, is much appreciated. Sometimes my brain gets so wrapped up in knots trying to decipher what little reliable data there is. Thank you for the tips.

  19. first i wouldn’t know what to do with my writing but google makes it easier, and also word press gives direction. thank you for you information sharing

  20. Thank you for your enlightening article, I was unaware of this feature and will look forward to installing the mobile app.
    I will also share my thought about considering any suggestions coming from this Google Bot. (i.e. Automated Assitant)
    It has been my experience that the G-Bots all support and follow the same Google Guidelines. Just saying…

  21. Great Post! I was unaware of this feature and will look forward to the app.

    I also would like to share that personally, I would have to consider any suggestions coming from a G Bot. It has been my experience that all G Bots support and follow the same Google Guidelines.

    I should add, this coming from one that considers himself a “Google Guideline Junkie”.

    “Real SEO has no ending… you can always something to optimize, better.

  22. Hi Bill, do you agree if google analytic will track all your data and decrease your position in SERP ? I need your reason.Thank you Bill

  23. It is interesting that Google is offering these suggestion. I guess we will learn how helpful they are by keeping an eye upon them, and seeing what they suggest.

  24. Hi Jim,

    This new feature from Google on the Mobile Google App provides machine learned insights for you to apply to your site and has nothing to do with affecting your position in Search results. Take a look at the suggestions that it offers, and see if they are something that you want to apply to your site; you don’t have to, but it’s possible that they might help you site.

  25. Hi Teddy,

    I’m not sure that this GA assistant is aimed at Google monopolizing the Web. Take a look at the suggestions, and if you want to follow them, try them out. If you think they may cause a problem, then don’t. I do think they are worth looking at, though.

  26. Hi Candice,

    I hope it offers you some helpful suggestions. I’ve been noticing the suggestions have been updating, but the Assistant was right that I should write a post like this one, geared towards providing some suggestions and advice the way this one has.

  27. Thanks for the article looks like I will have to start using the app rather than desktop.

  28. Thanks for sharing these useful informations regarding google analytics. It is really helpful for people like me.

  29. Not gonna lie, I didn’t even know there was a mobile app for Google Analytics (though it doesn’t surprise me). I’ve never really found the need to check my analytics when I was somewhere I couldn’t access my computer, but I guess I’ll have to download it now if only to check out this apparently mobile-exclusive feature!

  30. Hi Bill.

    I stumbled upon your blog, and I can say that I am happy I did. Great information to be found here.

    More on the subject, though – I always find it interesting that so many businesses are looking for the answers found within GA; however, they always seem to be terrified of anything technology related. As you pointed out, there is a great deal of information to be found within GA. With a little effort and understanding, so many business owners could have a much better grasp on the performance of their site(s) and how they can improve. However, I suppose that ignorance keeps some of us in business.

    Not to drag this out too much longer, but thank you for the links to these articles I have missed. They are on my ‘to read’ list over the weekend.

    Keep churning out the great content.

  31. Yes, I am using Google Assistant by the first day of its launch. It is awesome. Machine learning goes beyond its expectations. Google is back with the bang.

  32. Nice post Bill. Nice informative post.I knew about the Google Analytics toll which is available on PC but didn’t know about the mobile version of it. I’ll definitely try it.

  33. Hi Mike,

    Google Analytics contains some useful information, but the suggestions that it offers can sometimes be missed by people when they use it. The value of this automated assistant is in its ability to make clear suggestions that are easy to follow. It suggested that I write a post that was similar to other ones based upon information that was very actionable, which lead me to write this post. I’m glad I listened to it – it was good advice, and a lot of people seem to have missed the Google blog post announcing the GA assistant, which I wouldn’t have seen because I hadn’t been using the mobile version of the app. I need to go look now, and see if it has any updates. πŸ™‚

  34. Hi Patel,

    I’m happy with the suggestions that I’ve been seeing from the automated assistant. Yes, it’s analytics and not SEO, but it is helping me improve my website, and there is value in that. πŸ™‚

  35. Hi SEO Service,

    I can only guess that Google wanted to see if they could get more people using the mobile version of Google Analytics if they offered the Assistant exclusively through that mobile version. It forced me to give it a try, and it was worth trying, I’m liking what it is suggesting. Going to try it out again right now.

  36. Hi Noman,

    I’ve taken to working with my phone and tablet next to my desktop computer – the notifications from those tell me about whether I have new messages on social media. I suspect that Google might make that Automated assistant available on desktop versions of Google Analytics some time soon. We’ll see when they do.

  37. It is honestly sad that I am an SEO and didn’t know this. I’m going to go check it out right now. Thank you for sharing Bill!

  38. Hi Bill,
    It’s a nice new feature and I have given it full reign across my web service – let’s see how well it works! Very positive about it so far,

  39. I am really happy to read your article. This is really an awesome news for us that we can use google automated assistant. But I think it will be more helpful if desktop users get this facilities. Thanks you for your wonderful article.

  40. Google automated assistant is good, although it is not quite “there” yet! I look forward to reading “the biggest mistakes”. Nice work. Cheers!

  41. This is very much interesting. Google analytics is very much helpful to track down how many traffic do you have on your website as well as the keywords of what users always search in a certain category. Good to know about Google assistant, ’till now, I’m still in the process of navigating this stuff.

  42. Hi Entersoft,

    Google Analytics is a mature product, so I’m not sure that we will see many “biggest mistakes”. The suggestions the Assistant is offering are based upon information that may or may not be being picked up on by someone looking at analytics. I have seen up to 10 suggestions at a time per site I’ve looked at. I can see people seeing value from the Assistant.

  43. Hi Munna,

    I think good advice is still good advice regardless if it is delivered on a desktop app or a mobile one. I hope that people don’t let it being available only on mobile stop them from using the assistant.

  44. Hi there Bill,

    I have just founded your blog and my first impression is amazing!

    You don’t give just techniques about SEO, but you also inform about new things about it.

    It’s true that Google is helping us lately a lot with this program and also AMP.

  45. Hi pcmate,

    Thank you. I’m happy to hear that you are enjoying my posts. Tha automated assistant is an interesting feature from Google. I was a little upset that the last time I logged into the mobile app, there were no suggestions for me – it was nice seeing some.

  46. Thanks Bill for such informative article. Really most of the internet user not aware about this new automated assistant.

  47. Thanks for your time in sharing this article. Analytics have definitely yielded a few helpful nuggets over the years for us. Obviously, it’s always helpful to be open to solutions and opportunities wherever they appear from.

    This topic relates in my mind to the basic issue of whether or not to become a Google Partner and go through the Adwords and Analytics training and certification. It’s interesting to meet people in the SEO space that write off the whole opportunity because they see Google as an opponent. In my experience with the program, I’ve learned a ton and am always reminded that Google has created a huge opportunity for us.

    Indeed, we need to be careful not to overlook the opportunities right in front of us. Analytics is one of those.

  48. Yeah, that’s great. Google new automated assistant is great and also in India it is released in Local language (Hindi). It is improved after you are using it.

  49. Hi simrangoyal,

    The link in the first paragraph of my post goes to a Google Blog that provides more details about the automated assistant that is in the mobile version of Google Analytics. I don’t know why they decided only to include that feature only in the mobile app version of the program. But it is there, and it is worth looking at

  50. The new tool is really awesome and valuable. Have been using it for a while now. Moreover, I agree with another reader above that Google should not be taken as an opponent. Instead, one should try to gain as many benefits as one can as Google is always creating opportunities of learning for everyone.

  51. Hi Mark,

    I’ve been using that GA tool since it was introduced by Google. It’s made some suggestions that were worth following. I like that it offers many, and not all of them are things that I need to act upon, but most of them are things I do want to know.

  52. Thanks for sharing this article. Analytics have definitely yielded a few helpful nuggets over the years for us.

  53. wow this information is really very interesting I did’t even know about this. Thanks for sharing this with us. Keep sharing and provide us the latest information.
    Thanks Bill Slawski

  54. Great example. Thank you for sharing it here.

    ThereÒ€ℒs a good probability that Google has associated the Sussex SEO phrase with your website, likely based upon click-throughs in search results as well as other factors, such as business profile links and other mentions helping to create that association on pages other than your own.

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