Personalized Search Results at Google

personalized search results and document sets at Google

Personalized Search Results and Bias Document Sets

One thing most SEOs are aware of is that search results at Google are sometimes personalized for searchers, but it’s not something that I’ve seen too much written about. So when I came across a patent that is about personalized search results, I wanted to dig in and see if it could give us more insights.

The patent was an updated continuation patent, and I love to look at those, because it is possible to compare changes to claims from an older version, to see if they can provide some details of how processes described in those patents have changed. Sometimes changes are spelled out in great detail, and sometimes they focus upon different concepts that might be in the original version of the patent but weren’t necessarily focused upon so much.

One of the last continuation patents I looked at was one from Navneet Panda, in the post, Click a Panda: High Quality Search Results based on Repeat Clicks and Visit Duration In that one, we saw a shift in focus to involve more user behavior data such as repeat clicks by the same user on a site, and the duration of a visit to a site.

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