Humans Enrolling With Automated Assistants

automated assistants Q&A

How Automated Assistants Work Using Natural Language Input? Humans may engage in human-to-computer dialogs with interactive software applications referred to herein as “automated assistants.” For example, humans (who, when they interact with automated assistants, may be referred to as “users”) may provide commands, queries, and requests (collectively referred to herein as “queries”) using free form … Read more

Extremely Large Datasets And Machine Learning

machiine learning on extremely large datasets

Machine Learning On Extremely Large Datasets This Google patent is about a training framework for performing machine learning on Extremely Large Datasets. It is looking like it is focusing on videos on Youtube. LinkedIn Shows Work on vision and video for the inventors of this patent. The patent relates to the MapReduce-based training framework that … Read more

Question-Answering In Dialog Systems

question answeing flowchart

Question-Answering in Human to Computer Dialog Systems This patent is about Question-Answering in dialog systems and determining input from a user is feedback to a before-provided answer. I have been writing about a few patents from Google about human to computer dialog systems, and they are an input approach that Google seems to be moving … Read more