Humans Enrolling With Automated Assistants

automated assistants Q&A

How Automated Assistants Work Using Natural Language Input? Humans may engage in human-to-computer dialogs with interactive software applications referred to herein as “automated assistants.” For example, humans (who, when they interact with automated assistants, may be referred to as “users”) may provide commands, queries, and requests (collectively referred to herein as “queries”) using free form … Read more

A User Programmable Automated Assistant from Google

user programmable automated assistant

A History of User Programmable Automated Assistant Patents Google was granted a patent this week specifically about user-programmable automated assistants. It’s one of a number of patents about how Google is building that functionality into devices it is creating. There are a few more that have recently been granted which I haven’t written about yet. … Read more

Unsolicited Content in Human to Computer Dialog

unsolicited content in human to computer dialog

Why Add Unsolicited Content in A Human to Computer Dialog? Humans may engage in human-to-computer dialogs with “automated assistants.” For example, humans may provide commands and requests using spoken natural language input (i.e. utterances) which may in some cases be converted into text and then processed, and by providing textual (e.g., typed) natural language input. … Read more