Pro Bono Opportunities for Non Profit Web Site Marketing and Development

There are many web sites for nonprofit organizations online that could use a little direction, a little help from people in the web design and internet marketing communities. I came across a site this weekend that works to connect professionals interested in helping non-profits with organizations that need their help. The Taproot Foundation is a … Read more

Trademarking Air

Since I spend a lot of time over at the web site of the US Patent and Trademark Office, looking for patent information, sometimes I get questions from someone about the goings-on over there. Charlie Anzman noticed recently that both Apple and Adobe (warning – audio and video start playing on arrival) were touting new … Read more

2008 is the Year of the Frog

Ok, so why is a blog that usually focuses upon internet marketing and search-related patents publishing a post about saving amphibians? The short answer is that I was asked very nicely, by Jeff Davis of Frog Matters and Amphibian Ark. The longer answer is addressed by some other folks who are also posting about the … Read more