Lighting a Sign In Carlsbad

On the first week of my move from Northern Virginia to Carlsbad, California, I got to witness a historical local event last night. A sign was installed along a highway that goes along the Pacific Coast and through towns as it winds through the way. It’s something of a replica of a sign naming the … Read more

My Favorite Travel Site

My favorite travel site doesn’t have a database filled with thousands of hotels or cruises, or flights. My favorite travel site doesn’t use words like “amenities,” and it doesn’t change prices depending on the time of day, day of the week, week of the month, or month of the year. There’s no fancy content management … Read more

Transforming Events Pages from Transitory to Evergreen Content

A local environmental group in my area does a wonderful job of showing off information about upcoming events. Their calendar of “events to come” includes things like an Annual Land Trust Conference, a local food forum addressing initiatives to get people to buy food locally to benefit the region economically and environmentally, an educational program … Read more

Test your Blog

I’m in a testing mood tonight and put together a list of tests that you can run your blog or website through if you feel up to learning more about your pages… 1. See what grade level your blog is at with a Readability Test. (The original link has been replaced with a more informative … Read more