Rewritten Queries and User-Specific Knowledge Graphs

on-device rewritten queries

Rewritten Queries On Search Engines Using Mobile Devices People write queries for search engines to find answers that fill their situational or informational needs. A recently granted patent from Google describes how a search engine might provide rewritten queries for people searching using handheld mobile devices such as mobile phones. Queries are rewritten using annotations … Read more

Natural Language Query Responses

Natural Language Query Responses

Natural Language Query Responses at Google The nature of the Internet and the ease with which searchers can access the Web comes from many sources. This can enable searchers to share information and search for information related to their interests. Searchers may share or search for things such as: Photographs Videos Music Blogs Messages Comments … Read more

How the Google Knowledge Graph Updates Itself by Answering Questions

knowledge graph updates

unsplash-logoElijah Hail The Future of Search is in Providing Knowledge to Searchers through a Knowledge Graph To us who do Search Engine Optimization (SEO), we’ve been looking at URLs filled with content, and links between content, and algorithms such as PageRank (based upon links pointed between pages) and information retrieval scores based on the relevance … Read more