Magic Leap and Their Augmented Reality Semantic Robots

magic leap glasses

The temptation was to write this blog post mostly in pictures since it’s about visual representations of things, based sometimes on a combination of objects that were understood using object recognition, and virtual semantic images superimposed on those learned from a knowledge base. Google Ventures and a couple of partners funded the company Magic Leap … Read more

Googles Telepresence Patent

Telepresence is not science fiction. We could have a remote-controlled economy by the twenty-first century if we start planning right now. The technical scope of such a project would be no greater than that of designing a new military aircraft. Double Robotics’ Double Telepresence Robot A genuine telepresence system requires new ways to sense the … Read more

Nest Not Google’s First Big Home Automation Purchase

News came out in a Google Press release yesterday, Google to Acquire Nest, that Google had purchased Nest, a company focused on connecting things found in your home to the internet, including the Nest Learning Thermostat, and recently released Protect, a Smoke + CO Alarm. It’s exciting to see Google venturing out into business lines … Read more

These Are Not The Droids Google is Looking For?

Yesterday, Google’s CEO Larry Page announced that Andy Rubin would no longer be in charge of the mobile platform Android at Google,, but would be moving on to new challenges at the company. In the announcement, Page urged the entrepreneur and inventor to take “more moonshots please.” Andy Rubin brought Android to Google in 2004, … Read more

Inside the Google House of Ideas: 2 Lens Glass, Google Robots, and Smartwatches

There are rumors that Google will be opening retail stores sometime in the near future (some rumors point to next year). The question rises though, what will Google feature in those storefronts? Will Chromebooks be a kiosk filler item? Will we see Android-based phones? Are Google Glass wearable eyeglasses still somewhat far off? Might self-driving … Read more