Image Queries Disambiguated at Google

contextually disambiguating queries

Better Understanding Image Queries Years ago, I wouldn’t have expected a search engine to tell a searcher about objects in a photograph or video. However, search engines have been evolving and getting better at what they do. In February, Google was granted a patent, returning image results identifying objects in photographs and videos. However, a … Read more

Image Classification and Landmarks at Google

Image Classification

Image Classification in the past Back in 2008, I was writing about how a search engine might learn from photo databases like Flickr, and how people label images in a post I wrote called, Community Tagging and Ranking in Images of Landmarks In another post that covers the Flickr image classification Landmark work, Faces and … Read more

Will Google Start Reading Text in Images on the Web Soon?

Reading text in images

Googlebot Doesn’t Read Text in Images During Web Crawls Or Does it? When I was an Administrator at Cre8asiteforums (2002-2007), one of my favorite forums on the site was one called the Website Hospital. People would come with their sites and questions about how they could improve them. One problem that often appeared was people … Read more