Xerox Brings Patent Infringement Suit Against Google, Yahoo, and YouTube

Charles Knight, who is now the Search Editor at Nextweb pointed me to a Bloomberg report at BusinessWeek, Google, Yahoo Sued by Xerox Over Search Query Patents. The patent infringement complaint (PDF – 308k) contains claims that specifically name the following programs as infringing Xerox’s patented technology: Google’s Adsense and Adwords programs, Google Maps, Google … Read more

Proposed FTC Endorsement and Testimonial Ad Revisions

The FTC is considering their first new revisions involving endorsements and testimonials in advertising since 1980, adding blogs, message boards, and street teams to their coverage, as well as imposing stricter guidelines for disclosures in ads. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) requested comments (pdf) and provided an analysis of changes and revisions to their Guidelines … Read more

Legal Evidence and the Growth of Social Networks

I’ve been noticing more and more social networking sites appearing recently. I also came across an interesting article on what online interactions and social networks may mean to the legal industry. First, a look at the article, and then some links to news about new social networks. Finally, a quick look at a patent application … Read more