Google Patent Granted on PageRank Sculpting and Opinion Passing Links

pagerank sculpting

Would Google Build PageRank Sculpting into linkbuilding? – Google filed for a patent in 2005 that could have transformed how we think about and use links, such as letting webmasters decide how much PageRank a link might pass along, or applying machine-readable labels to links, indicating that some links might lead to “offensive” content (“offensive=very”) … Read more

The First PageRank Patent and the Newest

First PageRank Patent

If you were asked to point out the patent that describes PageRank, and you went searching at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), you might quickly get confused. A little more confusion comes today, granting a new patent on PageRank to Stanford University. However, I’ve also located the very first PageRank patent, which I … Read more

Google’s Affiliated Page Link Patent

Affiliated links

An Affiliated Page Link is a Link between Pages From the Same Owners Might Google rank links to pages differently based on a perception of how related or affiliated those pages might be to each other? For instance, if three pages authored by the same person link to a fourth page, and two other pages, … Read more