Microsoft Looks at Category Based Link Weights

How effective would a web page ranking system be if it included a category weight score for links based upon an assigned category for web pages those links come from? We’ve seen Google and AOL recently mention classifying queries into categories lately in patent filings, and a newly published patent application from Microsoft also discusses … Read more

IBM Granted Patent for Pagerank

At the Eleventh International World Wide Web Conference, a poster from John Tomlin, Andrew Tomkins, Jasmine Novak, and Arvind Arasu was presented titled PageRank Computation and the Structure of the Web: Experiments and Algorithms (pdf). The first three authors wrote the paper as IBM employees, and co-author Arvind Arasu is listed on the document as … Read more

Pagerank Patent Updated

A new version of one of the PageRank patents was published today. There are some changes to the document. Many of them appear to be bringing parts of the first two patent applications involving PageRank together. The New Patent Method for node ranking in a linked database Inventor: Lawrence Page Assignee: The Board of Trustees … Read more

Web Decay and Broken Links Can be Bad for Your Site

What is Web Decay and how Can it and Broken Links Hurt Your site? How harmful are broken links to search engine rankings? Or pages filled with outdated information? Can internal redirects on a site also hurt rankings? What about the redirects used on parked domains? A new patent application published last week at the … Read more

Google’s Adaptive PageRank Patent

adaptive pagerank

Added July 16, 2019 Yesterday a story at Search Engine Roundtable told us: Former Google Engineer: Google Hasn’t Used PageRank Since 2006. There was a new version of PageRank which I wrote about in 2006, not the adaptive PageRank that this post is about, but a different method of calculating PageRank in the post, PageRank … Read more