Google May Check to See if People Go to Geographic Locations Google May Recommend

Geographic locations recommendations

Google was granted a local SEO patent this week to enable them to check whether people are following recommendations in search results to visit geographic locations – to see how many people visited those places. And it’s probably good for many businesses to have Google recommending that people visit them. For example, people living near … Read more

How Google May Respond to Fake Business Spam

web spam detection

Fake Business Spam Detection in Local Search at Google The ultimate goal of any spam detection system is to penalize “spammy” content. ~ Reverse engineering circumvention of spam detection algorithms (Linked to below) Four years ago, I wrote a post about a Google patent titled, The Google Rank-Modifying Spammers Patent. It told us that Google … Read more

Do Search Click-Throughs Help Determine Where a Page Ranks?

search click throughs

Do Search Click-throughs help rank pages at Google? In a recent article at Search Engine Land, we were told that Google Posts That Local Results Are Influenced By Clicks, Then Deletes That. It caught my attention and had me investigating further. Patents Involving Search Click-Throughs Influencing Search Results It made me recall three patents that … Read more

Google Fights Keyword-Stuffed Business Names Using a Surprisingness Value

keyword stuffed business names

A Local search Google patent granted this week targets map spammers, who submit information about businesses to Google Maps, in a manner referred to as keyword stuffing, or more specifically keyword-stuffed business names. The patent attempts to find words submitted by business owners as titles for business names that trigger a surprisingness value for combinations … Read more