Extremely Large Datasets And Machine Learning

machiine learning on extremely large datasets

Machine Learning On Extremely Large Datasets This Google patent is about a training framework for performing machine learning on Extremely Large Datasets. It is looking like it is focusing on videos on Youtube. LinkedIn Shows Work on vision and video for the inventors of this patent. The patent relates to the MapReduce-based training framework that … Read more

Job Search Engine Using Occupation Vectors

job search engine

Job Titles can be Confusing I worked for the Courts of Delaware at Superior Court. I started working there as the Assistant Criminal Deputy Prothonotary. I changed jobs after 7 years there, and I became a Mini/Micro Computer Network Administrator. The Court used an old English title for the first position, meaning I supervised Court … Read more

Google Machine Learning

Understanding Systems When I was in high school, one of the required classes I had to take was a shop class. I took mostly what the school called “enriched” courses, or what were mostly academic classes that featured primarily reading, writing, and arithmetic. A shop class had more of a trade focus. So I was … Read more