Google Media Consumption History Patent Filed

media consumption history

What is a Media Consumption History Google published a foreign patent at WIPO today that has an interesting perspective to it. When someone performs a search that involves a specific entity, their search may be influenced by the search engine’s knowledge of their past interactions with content involving that entity, or their media consumption history. … Read more

Google on Creating a Relevant Second Screen for TV

second screen

Google was granted a patent last week that looks like it might have been among the company’s earliest patents filed. It involves showing television programs (News Programs to be more exact) and showing web pages relevant to the transcripts of the shows being presented to viewers in a second screen set. The details of this … Read more

The Google Video Patent

Back in 2005, Google filed a patent application on Ranking video articles which gives some insights into Google’s future plans for what they might do with video, and some of the possible ranking algorithms they would consider using. Google Video search went live in January of 2005. Its focus was on helping people find videos … Read more