Favorite SEO by the Sea Posts from 2010

I took a look back at the posts here from 2010 and tried to decide which ones stood out for me somehow. These are some of my favorites from last year: Web Self-Help for Small Business This post was inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s self-help approach and a look back at when I first started building … Read more

And the winner is….

I rarely write about the search marketing industry here, focusing mostly instead upon search-related patents and papers, and an occasional event. There are some happenings and posts that I do want to point out though. I was asked to be a judge in the semi-finals of 2007 Rubber Chicken Award for Humor in the SEM … Read more

Mr. Slawski Goes to Washington

Ok, I don’t usually refer to myself in the third person, but I will be hopping on a train a little later this morning to head down to Washington, D.C., and spending part of the day (ok, a lot of the day) there. I couldn’t resist the allusion to one of my favorite movies while … Read more