Looking Back after 6 Years and 1,000 Posts

Almost 6 years ago, SEO by the Sea was born in a thought inspired by the sight of sails bobbing up and down on waves where the Susquehanna River meets the Chesapeake Bay, in Havre de Grace, Maryland.

The town is a sleepy historic place, which comes alive during weekends, when many visit the antique shops and docks and bed and breakfasts. Most of it burned down during the War of 1812, when nailmaker and militia lieutenant John O’Neill attempted to singlehandedly hold off British ships intending to sail up the River after their attack on Baltimore (the attack that inspired Francis Scott Key’s Star Spangled Banner).

O’Neill was eventually captured, and in retribution, the British set the buildings of Havre de Grace afire. Little of it remained unscathed, but the residents rebuilt the town, which originally got its name from Marquis de La Fayette, who called it Havre de Grace, or the “Harbor of Grace.”

Concord Point Lighthouse, which sits at the mouth of the Susquehanna River in Havre de Grace.

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Favorite SEO by the Sea Posts from 2010

I took a look back at the posts here from 2010, and tried to decide which ones stood out for me in some way. These are some of my favorites from last year:

Web Self-Help for Small Business

This post was inspired by Benjamin Franklin’s self help approach, and a look back at when I first started building and promoting web pages as an inhouse webmaster and SEO. In addition to the 13 areas that I choose to concentrate upon to become a better webmaster/SEO, there were a lot of good suggestions in the comments that follow the post.

Having Fun with -Onyms in Keyword Research

Keyword research can be a chore, but it can be pretty interesting as well. This post is about some of the methods that I use to expand my choices of keywords as I do research.

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Winter by the Seaside

It’s chilly on the Atlantic seaboard, with the days getting shorter and nights getting colder. I love the change of seasons, but hate that it gets dark so early. I’m looking forward to December 22, when the days start getting longer again.

I have some news, and some links to things that I liked to share this morning.

First of all, I would like to thank the many people who visit SEO by the Sea, and take the time to leave their thoughtful comments and questions. It’s a real pleasure to hear from you all.

Please look out for the Winter 08/09 edition of Search Marketing Standard, where I had the honor of being interviewed about topics such as search patents, future features that might be released from the search engines, and new ranking signals that search engines may be using as uncovered from search engines. The online version of the interview isn’t available yet, but the print edition arrived at my mailbox last week.

SEObook just published The Non-profit’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization, and it’s filled with some great suggestions, and approaches that nonprofits can take to market their organization.

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Remainders from 2007: Good Stuff I Didn’t Get to Yet

I toyed with the idea of a recap of top posts from the year. I sifted through stats, and made a list of the most visited SEO by the Sea posts. I started going through my archives, and making another list of my favorite posts.

And then I looked at the size of the list of draft posts that I hadn’t published, and saw a bunch of topics that I didn’t get to cover in 2007.

Here are some of the remainders of 2007:

Del.icio.us Patent Applications

Joshua Schachter is the creator of Del.icio.us, and his name appears upon a couple of patent applications published this year which discuss advertising on a social network site (like Del.icio.us), and incorporate the relevance of tags left by people who bookmark sites into contextual advertising on pages that display those tags.

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And the winner is….

I rarely write about the search marketing industry here, focusing mostly instead upon search related patents and papers, and an occassional event. There are some happenings and posts that I do want to point out though.

I was asked to be a judge in the semi-finals of 2007 Rubber Chicken Award for Humor in the SEM industry, and the winner is chosen by you as the voters. There were some very funny posts made over the course of the year, and unfortunately only 10 finalists were chosen amongst those nominated. I think the winners are the folks who get to read all ten, and I’d like to thank all the nominees for making the decision of who the finalist were so difficult.

Search Engine Journal is holding its third annual awards, the Search Blogs Awards of 2007, and I would like to thank the many folks who nominated SEO by the Sea in a couple of categories, and me in another. SEO by the Sea was nominated for:

Best SEO Blog of 2007
Best Search Engine Research Blog

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