Guest Speaking at the University of Delaware

I had the chance to give presentations on Seach Engine Optimization today to a couple of classes at the University of Delaware. The class, BUAD477: Information Technology Applications in Marketing (pdf) is one of the more advanced internet marketing classes I’ve seen offered on the University level, based upon the syllabus and the quality of … Read more

Sunday Night Link Roundup

I came across a large number of links that I wanted to share this week, probably too many for one post, so I figured that I would limit myself to a baker’s dozen. * Keri Morgret attended BayCHI this past week where Google senior research scientist Dan Russell spoke on the topic How Do People … Read more

Monday Morning Links

There were a lot of enjoyable posts this past week in many of the blogs I visit regularly. Here are some of them. Interviews I was fortunate enough to share a panel on Search Engine Algorithms at the New York and San Jose Search Engine Strategies Conferences this year with Rand Fishkin and Jon Glick. … Read more

Search Query Researcher Amanda Spink

If you start looking at papers about how searches interact with search engines, and what the queries they use are like, you start seeing the name Amanda Spink showing up repeatedly. She’s written a number of papers on the topic that provide some interesting insights into the subject. Christina Wodtke conducted an interview recently with … Read more