When Optimizing for SEO and the Semantic Web, Don’t Forget Your Audience

When you optimize a site for the HTML Web and for the Semantic Web, you’re performing two different tasks that can complement each other, and both of them can be very helpful. But not if you forget whom you’re doing it for.


I had an opportunity to watch a Webinar a couple of weeks ago, and it was about using some software that looked at your messages on your pages and the words that you were using on landing pages and your advertisements, and suggesting semantically related terms to include in those landing pages and in your advertisements.

During the Webinar, we had the chance to ask questions, and I had noticed that the word “audience” hadn’t been mentioned once.

I asked about audiences.

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How I Came to Love Entities and Start Doing Entity Optimization

My Inspiration for Doing Entity Optimization on Sites

One of the sites that has inspired me to do entity optimization on sites is Baltimore.org, at the time for the Baltimore Area Convention and Visitors Association, and has since been rebranded to the more memorable, “Visit Baltimore.” Back in 2005, the Association told us that they wanted a page on Black History and that they wanted it to rank well for the term “Black History.” (On returning to the site in 2019, it appears that the spirit of this post lives on, with a redesign in progress.)

The Baltimore Inner Harbor

One of our early efforts wasn’t bad, but lacked the ability to generate a lot of interest and wasn’t really shared much by others. We weren’t really drawing a lot of traffic to the site for the term black history, and there were a lot of really good pages that deserved to rank well for the term. Ours just wasn’t competing.

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Patterns Among Templates Lead to Clues About Entities

In my first Patent Free Friday, I was going to write about two of the best marketers in the town I live in, a pair of bakers who bake on either end of the historic Main Street in Warrenton Virginia. I guess getting up in the early morning to bake the bread is conducive to letting marketing ideas nurture and thrive. They are both worth writing about, so I’m going to reserve that topic for another day, and not give away too much here, yet.

by Kimberly Vardeman |   http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
by Kimberly Vardeman |

Another topic arose last week as I presented at Pubcon, and ran into an old friend, who used to be a moderator in a web forum that I was an administrator of. He asked me a question that I’ve been thinking about since, coming up with a lot of different answers. I’m going to share that question now, but not my answers until another Friday, to give you a chance to think about how you might answer the question.

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