Information Gathering: Innovation After Google?

information gathering

Information Gathering by An Early Googler Where will many Google employees be five years from now? How many will be running their own technology companies and pursuing their projects? How many will be investing in other companies and helping to drive innovation? Georges Harik was one of Google’s first ten employees, the Director of Googlettes … Read more

Erik Selberg Leaves Microsoft Live, Joins Amazon

Along with news of Microsoft’s Updated Live Search Engine, discussed at Microsoft’s Searchification Day, comes some other news from the camp. One of the founders of the Microsoft Search Labs (a research and development group within the Windows Live Search team), Erik Selberg, is leaving Microsoft to join With my last post on … Read more

Google Open Source and Open Standards

Some of Google’s past hires involve people who are pretty well known in the open source and open standards worlds. Last week, Kevin Marks noted on his blog that he had recently become Begoogled, and is now a software engineer at Google. He was a principal engineer for Technorati, after working for Apple and the … Read more

AOL Top AIM Developer Joins Google

Steve Bryant broke the news yesterday that Google has just hired AOL’s top instant messaging developer, Justin Uberti. (Hat tip to Barry Schwartz). Steve tells us that Justin was involved in AOL’s Open AIM Initiative. He also notes that this hiring is interesting in light of a December agreement between AOL and Google to have … Read more