Mining Search Queries for Information

search queries

Search engines, and the people who constantly improve and update them are getting smarter and smarter when it comes to finding ways to make the results of those search engines more relevant. One area they are paying more attention to is in search engine log files, watching how searchers interact with the search engines. I … Read more

Google predictive queries

Speeding Up the Web The web is transforming from its earlier days when every bit of information was carefully considered by a webmaster before adding an image or some text to a web page. I remember spending hours and hours optimizing images so that they were small and still decent looking, and squeezing white space … Read more

Expanding Google Suggest in Legal Dispute

Google has had a new patent application published at the US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) which provides an expanded view of how it may present real time suggestions for queries when someone is typing words into a search box. At the same time, Google has come under fire, and faces litigation, for their predictive … Read more

A Look at Google Midpage Query Refinements

Google Introduces Midpage Query Refinements In early April, Google guy posted at the Search Engine Watch Forums, and his post was split off into a thread titled Google Confirms Mid-Page “See Results For” Section No Longer A Test; Suggest A Name!. In his post, he tells us that: In fact, this is no longer a … Read more