Search Suggestions from Previously Submitted Searcher Queries

Information retrieval System

Finding a Search Suggestion Patent about Previously Submitted Searcher Queries I came across an interesting Search Engine Land post last week. I wanted to see if I could find a related patent from Google: Google is suggesting searches based on users’ recent activity I tried search suggestions shown to the author of the Search Engine … Read more

PageRank 2020

New York Public Library

If you have been an SEO for any amount of time or are responsible for marketing a website, you may have heard of PageRank. The Founders of Google developed it in the earliest days of the Search Engine. I wanted to share new information about PageRank 2020 that I wanted to share when I learned … Read more

Google Product Search and Learning about New Product Lines

Product Search

New Product Lines in Product Search It’s interesting seeing patents from Google that focus on eCommerce topics such as product lines. The last one had Google distinguishing between products and accessories in search results. I wrote about it in Ranking Search Results and Product Queries. A new patent from Google is on new products appearing … Read more

Universal Search Updated at Google


unsplash-logoTristan Colangelo Sura gave up on her debugging for the moment. ‘The word for all this is ‘mature programming environment.’ Basically, when hardware performance has been pushed to its final limit, and programmers have had several centuries to code, you reach a point where there is far more significant code than can be rationalized. The … Read more