What problems does your Website solve?

My little town of Warrenton, Virginia, started off life not as a destination but rather as a convenient stopping point between other destinations. In the late 1700s, it had a road running through it between Falmouth, a port town on the Rappahannock River, Winchester, an early European settlement, and a frontier town 17-year-old George Washington … Read more

Just What is Web Site Quality?

How credible is your website? How likely are people to believe what they find on your pages, or contact you to learn more about what you offer, or conduct a transaction on your site? Would you consider your site to contain high-quality content? How do you measure the quality of the content on your pages? … Read more

Web Self-Help for Small Business

While in his Late 20s, Benjamin Franklin came up with a list of 13 virtues, which he thought were areas in his life where he could improve. He wrote these virtues down in a book and kept notes on how he was addressing them in his life. He chose a different virtue to focus upon … Read more