Move over Google Author Rank, Make way for Google Authoritative Rank

authoritative rank

An authoritative user is a user of one or more computer-implemented services (e.g., a social networking service) that has been determined to be authoritative (e.g., an expert) on one or more topics that can be associated with one or more queries This quote comes from a patent that was granted on Tuesday at the USPTO … Read more

Google+’s Edgerank; Content is shared based on Social Interactions

A Google patent granted earlier this month looks at how content might be ranked by Google based upon social interactions. It discusses ranking that content based upon social interactions within the context of Google+ and the social circles you may have been placed within by someone who added you to Google+. The patent looks at … Read more

How Google May Use Google+ to Improve Reviews of Goods and Services

Can Google use social media, like Google+ to improve the quality of reviews it shows for products and services? Google does like to show reviews to searchers, possibly because many searchers ask for reviews. A Google patent application published in June explores and discusses analyzing reviews, and creating quality scores for reviews from social media … Read more