Brands Entities at Google; Crowdsourcing their Identity in a Social Network

The “Buy” Button is coming to Google shopping Results. Recode reported that Google Confirms “Buy Button” Is Coming. The Moz White Board Friday this week had Rand Fishkin asking, and answering the question, Is Brand a Google Ranking Factor? I left a comment at Moz, part of which, after some research, I’d like to retract … Read more

What Ranking Signal is Better, HTTPS or FOAF markup, when Searcher and Searched Author are Connected?

Recently, Google announced that they would be ranking pages higher in search results when those pages use a secure protocol of https. The Google Webmaster Central blog told us so through Google Webmaster Trends Analysts Zineb Ait Bahajji and Gary Illyes, in HTTPS as a ranking signal. The use of https doesn’t necessarily make a … Read more

Has Google Decided you Create Authoritative Content for a Query?

authoritative content creators

How might Google decide upon Who Creates Authoritative Content? At Google and Bing, both search engines have been experimenting with relevance and search. Both have shown profile photographs of people whom you may be connected to at places such as Google+ (for Google) and at Facebook (For Bing) in search results that include them. Both … Read more